Clips tagged "synth"

11 times play at 4:30 in “Philly (Jamorphous)” from Fluke's album Progressive History X
11 times play at 3:40 in “Visit Me” from Electronic's album Raise the Pressure
10 times play at 4:20 in “Heart of the Rose” from Air Supply's album News from Nowhere
10 times play at 3:00 in “Solitaire” from Spirit's album MDZ.02 Disc 1
10 times play at 3:10 in “Track 8” from Various Artists's album Metalheadz Box Set
10 times play at 3:40 in “Glow” from Ortus's album Yoshiesque, Vol. 2 Disc 1
9 times play at 0:50 in “Passage North” from Forma Tadre's album Automate
9 times play at 5:20 in “Swastika Eyes [Jagz Kooner Mix]” from Primal Scream's album XTRMNTR [UK]
9 times play at 2:50 in “In The Ghetto” from Beats International's album Free At Last 2
9 times play at 6:30 in “The Same Deep Water as You” from The Cure's album Disintegration
9 times play at 0:20 in “20 Jazz Funk Greats” from Throbbing Gristle's album In the Beginning There Was Rhythm
9 times play at 0:40 in “Auf Achse” from Franz Ferdinand's album Franz Ferdinand
9 times play at 5:30 in “Get the Balance Right” from Depeche Mode's album Remixes 81-04 [3-CD Set] Disc 2
9 times play at 6:20 in “Moving Away from the Pulsebeat” from Buzzcocks's album Love Bites/Another Music in a Different Kitchen
8 times play at 0:00 in “Verbal [Kid 606 Dancehall Devastation Mix]” from Amon Tobin's album Verbal Remixes & Collaborations
8 times play at 2:30 in “Luma (Web-Like and Crescent)” from Lovesliescrushing's album Xuvetyn
8 times play at 1:00 in “The Beauty of Being Numb Section B [Mix]” from Nine Inch Nails's album 26 Mixes for Cash Disc 1
8 times play at 4:20 in “Headcase” from Plastikman's album Closer
8 times play at 4:00 in “Southside” from Dave Clarke's album Archive One
8 times play at 3:40 in “Babel [*]” from Covenant's album Sequencer7
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