Clips tagged "drums"

9 times play at 0:00 in “Hi-Fi” from Suede's album Head Music
8 times play at 14:00 in “First” from Cut Chemist's album Brainfreeze
7 times play at 4:00 in “The Only Mistake” from Joy Division's album Still
7 times play at 1:00 in “Loveless” from 4hero/Ursula Rucker's album Two Pages
7 times play at 0:30 in “Sometimes in Winter” from The Psychonauts's album Casino Classics Disc 2
7 times play at 8:20 in “A Tribute to Monk & Canatella” from Portishead's album Sour Times (Nobody Loves Me)
7 times play at 3:40 in “Seagull [Live]” from Ride's album Ride [Box Set] Disc 3
7 times play at 0:10 in “Moving Away from the Pulsebeat” from Buzzcocks's album Love Bites/Another Music in a Different Kitchen
7 times play at 5:50 in “Millenium” from Big Bud's album Fabio Presents - Liquid Funk [Live Mix]
7 times play at 0:40 in “Pow” from Beastie Boys's album The In Sound from Way Out!
6 times play at 3:10 in “Suspone” from Michael Brecker's album Don't Try This at Home
6 times play at 1:20 in “Barrel of a Gun” from Depeche Mode's album Ultra
6 times play at 4:00 in “Too High” from The Music's album The Music
6 times play at 0:40 in “Relative's Eyes” from The Most Serene Republic's album Underwater Cinematographer
6 times play at 0:50 in “Medicine Man” from Jeff Mills's album Purpose Maker Compilation
6 times play at 2:40 in “Naked Twister” from Mansun's album Attack of the Grey Lantern
6 times play at 4:20 in “La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh) [The Chemical Brothers Remix]” from Manic Street Preachers's album Forever Delayed: The Greatest Hits Disc 2
6 times play at 2:00 in “It's Not Right But It's Okay [Rodney Jerkins Smooth Mix] [Instrumental]” from Whitney Houston's album It's Not Right, But It's Okay [US CD Single]
6 times play at 3:40 in “Papua New Guinea” from The Future Sound of London's album Accelerator [US]
6 times play at 1:40 in “Rogue Soul” from Hidden Agenda's album Fabio Presents - Liquid Funk [Live Mix]
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