Frequently asked questions

How should I describe clips?

There are many ways you could describe a clip, we want you to make up your own, but if you're stuck, here are some examples. You could use the genre, style, instruments, tempo, dynamics, mood, when you'd listen to it, lyrics, or the vocal style. Here are some examples, by no means exhaustive, of each of those categories:

Can I input more than one tag at a time?

Yes, separate your tags with commas.

What's a good strategy to use?

If you want to earn some points quickly, you can try to guess the obvious labels for a clip. Someone else has probably already used them, so you might get 1 point or you might get 0 points, depending on how many people have used them already. If you're feeling more patient, you can tag a clip with a slightly less obvious, more creative, or more subjective label, so you'll have a better chance of being the first person to use that tag. You won't get any points initially, but when someone else comes along and uses it too, you'll get 2 points. You'd be surprised how frequently other people are thinking the same thing as you. Just remember that every time one user scores a single point, another user has just scored two.

I found a clip that won't play

If you press the play button and it jumps right back to "play" mode without playing anything, you've probably found a broken clip. If you could tag it "won't play", we'll remove it from the game as quickly as we can.

I tried using my browser's back button to go back to my last clip, but it seems to be acting funny

That's intentional. Once you've gone to the summary page, you can go back and listen to your last clip (which you can do that from the summary page anyway), but you can't tag it any more. Any tags you try to submit will be ignored. Only go to the summary page once you're finished tagging your current clip. This is to prevent people from looking at the artist name or other metadata when they're tagging a clip.